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Sussex Beacon Half Marathon

Once again combining my passions for running and geographing, I took a few pictures while taking part in the race yesterday.  You seeBrighton Sea Front, TQ2904 here (on the left) one of the race leaders, and if you look carefully you can see that he’s floating in mid air. 

Brighton is actually carpetted with geographs, and hardly needs any more: There is obviously a very ative geogaph community there.  However, out of all the pictures I took yesterday, I felt this was the one that needed to be added, showing a bit og the geography and at the same time an important annual event.



The holiday season has seen me in Bucks, Berks, Sussex, London, Norfolk and Notts, Fields near Malthouse Broad in Norfolkbagging at least 8 new squares.  At first glance, the map of Norfolk looks pretty promising, almost as though you could point a camera in any direction and find a square not so far taken.  Not so, in fact.  On the ground you find that a lot of things you thought looked good (churches, lakes, windmills etc) have already been shot and uploaded. 

On the trip across country from Norfolk to Notts, I took a few shots (and GPS readings, of course) alas, a lot of the pictures suffer from camera shake, poor light, or they’re just plain boring.  Rather than just claim these squares, I think I’ll just leave them for better photographs to come along, or perhaps a future project….

Boxing Day Geographing

After the usual family excess of Christmas Day yesterday, it was good to get out into the countryside and takeFootpath some pictures.  There was a little cluster of squares that I’ve been wanting to grab for some weeks, a group away from the main road, and really best attacked via footpath.  A lot of these squares remain unclaimed because a large number of geographers don’t like to stray far from their cars (in fact some are taken without ever getting out of the car).   Sometimes I like to go running and take the camera with me, and this is what I did today.  Armed with map, GPS and camera, I followed some footpaths, visiting squares TQ0621, TQ0721, TQ0821 and TQ0620, which were all unclaimed.  In the last square, I was looking for a Roman Villa (although I don’t know how much is left visible), but didn’t find it.  The view was nice though, and I got a nice picture of the footpath.

Lonesome Square in Sussex

TQ0828This square was the only one unclaimed in this area until last week when I stopped at Five Oaks and walked through the woods along the footpath to get a couple of snaps: