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The Leek Show

One of the last country shows before the foot & mouth crisis hit (again).  Cranleigh was the week after, and they couldn’t  show any animals due to government restrictions on moving cows and sheep. 


Deep Snow

Snowy Road at SK0057Up in Leek in Staffordshire, some heavy snow had blown in just prior to my arrival.  The thaw happened quite quickly and here you see some of the snow drift and meltwater. I took this picture while around some country lanes on a trainining run.

The Age Before Digital

Somewhere I have photographed a lot over the years is the town of Leek in Staffordshire, where I have family ties.  Tittesworth ReservoirI’m relatively new to digital photography, but have boxes full of 35mm negatives going back to the 1980s.  Sorting through some pictures the other day, I found some shots of Tittesworth Reservoir from 1999 (all my negatives are already sorted by date from a project a few years ago).  This one was nice, so I fired up the 35mm scanner, and scanned it in.  The square (SJ9959) already has a first geograph, but I thought it was nice enough to warrant uploading another one.

I also found a historic picture of a rather beautiful building that got demolished for the Glaxo Smithkline HQ in Brentford,  London (gridref TQ1777).  Trico Factory, Brentford

Taken on B&W film, this looks like an ancient photograph (actually the negatives are not in a great state), but it was only taken in 1990.  For some reason the moderator didn’t think this warranted being a geograph so it is only classified as a supplemental image.  Arbitrary, and a bit dispiriting really.