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Lonely Square in Bucks

I was pleased with this picture, in Buckinghamshire.  The square SP9000 is nearly all taken up by Rook Wood. Rook Wood, near Great Missenden To get to the square means walking down a footpath or track, which no-one had yet done, even though every other square for miles was already geographed.  So now, it’s mine, and SP9000 is actually a memorable name for a square, about the only other one I every remember is the one I live in.



The holiday season has seen me in Bucks, Berks, Sussex, London, Norfolk and Notts, Fields near Malthouse Broad in Norfolkbagging at least 8 new squares.  At first glance, the map of Norfolk looks pretty promising, almost as though you could point a camera in any direction and find a square not so far taken.  Not so, in fact.  On the ground you find that a lot of things you thought looked good (churches, lakes, windmills etc) have already been shot and uploaded. 

On the trip across country from Norfolk to Notts, I took a few shots (and GPS readings, of course) alas, a lot of the pictures suffer from camera shake, poor light, or they’re just plain boring.  Rather than just claim these squares, I think I’ll just leave them for better photographs to come along, or perhaps a future project….