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Isle of Wight

On a recent trip to the Isle of Wight, I noticed that the footpaths often had numbers on them, written on the signs, for example here’s a picture I took of Footpath BS76 st map reference SZ 397 840. This strikes me a as a very good idea; it makes navigating on foot possible without referring to the map so often.  If we number roads in this way, why not also footpaths.

There were still a few squares left to grab on the Isle of Wight this year, but I suspect when I return next year they will have all been taken.  The South is fast filling up on Geograph now, and I think I probably would need to drive for more than an hour to find a square that hasn’t already been photographed.


Spring has Sprung

It looks to me as though Spring is here anyway .  This week I was down in the New Forest for about the 4th or 5th time this yearNew Forest and was greeted by blue skies and sunshine, rather than the normal low cloud and rain.  I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures for geograph while I was there.

Closer to home I also got some pictures of Norbury Park.  When I was there the temperature was around 15C (around 60F), and the daffodils are starting to put their heads up in various places.