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I visited the 10th floor of the Blue Fin building (IPC Magazines) and got this snap of the back of the Tate Modern with my mobile phone camera. Great sky that day.

There are of course about a gazillion pictures on Geograph for square TQ3280, but this is the only picture of the Tate Modern taken from this unusual vantage point.

Tate Modern


TQ1751, Burford Bridge Roundabout
Out early enjoying the novelty of a snowy day, I took this snap of the deep unbroken snow at Burford Bridge.

Isle of Wight

On a recent trip to the Isle of Wight, I noticed that the footpaths often had numbers on them, written on the signs, for example here’s a picture I took of Footpath BS76 st map reference SZ 397 840. This strikes me a as a very good idea; it makes navigating on foot possible without referring to the map so often.  If we number roads in this way, why not also footpaths.

There were still a few squares left to grab on the Isle of Wight this year, but I suspect when I return next year they will have all been taken.  The South is fast filling up on Geograph now, and I think I probably would need to drive for more than an hour to find a square that hasn’t already been photographed.

The Leek Show

One of the last country shows before the foot & mouth crisis hit (again).  Cranleigh was the week after, and they couldn’t  show any animals due to government restrictions on moving cows and sheep. 


Only the second time I’ve been to Cumbria, and then it was only an overnight stay.  Beautiful, I enjoyed very much walking and running in the hills (the Howgill Fells).  One day I got to visit four of the Howgill peaks, Bram Rigg, Calders, Arant Haw and Winder on a run.  The picture here shows the path just before the really steep climb started.  The peak of Bram Rigg is in the centre distance, but by the time I got up there (some 45 mins later) it was completely in cloud.  Due to bad visibility and my GPS batteries being low, I decided not to visit a fifth summit, The Calf.

Cherkley Court

I’ve known for some years that Cherkley Court was tucked away in this little corner close to Leatherhead, but until now it hasn’t been open to the public.  I’m pleased to be the first to upload a geograph of the building, even though the square was already taken with a rather ordinary picture of the A24.

Crossing Borders

Horse In the New Forest area, it’s hard to point a camera without finding a horse.  Technically, we’re just over the border here, in Wiltshire.

London Orbital Car Park

M25 in the Evening The M25 near Heathrow yesterday, before I joined the queue myself to go home.

Spring has Sprung

It looks to me as though Spring is here anyway .  This week I was down in the New Forest for about the 4th or 5th time this yearNew Forest and was greeted by blue skies and sunshine, rather than the normal low cloud and rain.  I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures for geograph while I was there.

Closer to home I also got some pictures of Norbury Park.  When I was there the temperature was around 15C (around 60F), and the daffodils are starting to put their heads up in various places.

Sussex Beacon Half Marathon

Once again combining my passions for running and geographing, I took a few pictures while taking part in the race yesterday.  You seeBrighton Sea Front, TQ2904 here (on the left) one of the race leaders, and if you look carefully you can see that he’s floating in mid air. 

Brighton is actually carpetted with geographs, and hardly needs any more: There is obviously a very ative geogaph community there.  However, out of all the pictures I took yesterday, I felt this was the one that needed to be added, showing a bit og the geography and at the same time an important annual event.