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Personal Coverage Map

A nice feature of the profile page in Geograph now is that it shows you a map of the UK, but only with thumbnail pictures of the squares you have contributed. So you can see at a glance where you’ve been in the country, and admire your own coverage map.  Here’s my map of Berkshire, with Ascot racecourse on the left and Viginia Water on the right:



The holiday season has seen me in Bucks, Berks, Sussex, London, Norfolk and Notts, Fields near Malthouse Broad in Norfolkbagging at least 8 new squares.  At first glance, the map of Norfolk looks pretty promising, almost as though you could point a camera in any direction and find a square not so far taken.  Not so, in fact.  On the ground you find that a lot of things you thought looked good (churches, lakes, windmills etc) have already been shot and uploaded. 

On the trip across country from Norfolk to Notts, I took a few shots (and GPS readings, of course) alas, a lot of the pictures suffer from camera shake, poor light, or they’re just plain boring.  Rather than just claim these squares, I think I’ll just leave them for better photographs to come along, or perhaps a future project….